Matt black Size 8 Swivel with the additional of an easy change lynx. For a tangle free presentation add a anti-tangle sleeve over lynx
A strong, matt black multi-purpose link, which allows the quick changing of rig componenets such as hooklinks, PVA mesh bags etc. Also can be used on…
Heavyweight leader for those that want an alternative to leadcore Utilising tungsten in their make up enables sunksten leaders to hug the contours of…
Atomic Tackle Ultra-Lyte Power Pult - Groundbait with spare elastic. Ideal for firing out balls of groundbait. The new ultra-light power pults (under…
Ben Cooper's Catch Report
Ben Cooper's recent trip to the mighty Lac de Dur-Chantecoq resulted in a 5 fish catch, the biggest being a stunning 47lb 8oz common...he also had 2x 30lb+ mirrors and 2x20lb+ commons.... all fish were taken on a slip D rig using size 4 Sabre, 35lb Jel-E-Wyre and 35lb Rockbottom Leadcore..
Haula Wafter rig
Next in our rig series is our marketing mans favourite wafter rig. Here is what Nic had to say... "This rig is by no means revolutionary or complicated, but that doesn't mean it isn't well worth a look. This rig works well with the majority of our hook patterns, inparticular the Trappa and Stinga pattern, but in my experiance and tests The Haula is by far the best. The hook holds are awesome, it just seems to be the ultimate hook for this presentation and is a pattern that is not used that much anymore. Give it a try, I am sure it will put some fish on the bank for you. #NoHype

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Atomic Tackle 2012