Chod Tool- This is the most exciting and advanced product on the market. It guarantees your Chod Rigs have the perfect curve every time. Simple to use…
Chod Bin can take 12 made up Chod rigs, the purpose made prongs allow the flexi-ring swivels to be securely attached .
Due to the design the large top section will allow total protection of the biggest butt rings,while the small minder will keep both sections of your rods…
GUNSMOKE is a NEW COATING that has been produced for Atomic Tackle,it is not TEFLON but a SPECIALISED MATT ELECTRO-PLATED PROCESS. This requires fewer…
Keith Williams joins team
*Atomic Tackle are pleased to welcome Keith Williams to our consultancy team.*

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Adam Garland joins Sponsor team
We are pleased to welcome Adam Garland to the Atomic sponsored anglers team.

Many of you will know Adam from his magazine and video work and we look forward to bringing you plenty of his catch reports in the coming months.

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