I started my year fishing a small little club water whilst my main target water was really busy. The stock is about 40 carp in half acre, there is nothing that will break the record books, but they are some of the prettiest looking fish in my part of the country. Plus it is never very busy so always a bonus

I have been using the Atomic tackle hook range since the start of 2014 and I haven’t looked back since, they are razor sharp and strong.

My tactics for the club water are the same as most of my angling. My pop up rig is a chod rig and the chodda hook is perfect for it, I was fishing tight to an island using the chod rig during the day and had a right result from it, also to mention I didn’t loose one fish. On my bottom bait i always use a size 6 or size 5 grabber hook which will be tied blow back style, with a balanced bottom bait.

My result on the club water is about 15 fish. One being the biggest in there at 25.15lb, also a number of lower 20’s. I haven’t lost one fish since moving over to Atomic hooks so that’s why I have 100% confidence with the Atomic tackle hook range and will be fishing everywhere with them from now on.


Tight lines   


Anthony Scrace