A short trip to see some friends at Lac Serene gave me the chance to take the new range of products from Atomic Tackle. 

The lake, number 2, is around 7 acres and it’s mostly weedy with a main bar that runs through the centre. Trees surround the lake and typically you need to find clear spots in the weed to pick up a bite from the carp. 

After a quick cup of tea and a look around the lake a choice of swim was made. Rigs were tied using 15lb JEL-E-WYRE, a size 6 Grabba tied knotless knot with a blow back ring on the shank.

Baits were positioned in the clear marginal area adjacent a fallen tree. No freebies were used as I set about sorting the camp and did not want to use too much bait from the outset.

Within the space of ten minutes my ATTs receiver was singing a song and I was into a fish. It really did ruck as soon as I leant into it. It made some powerful runs in and out of the weedbeds, I did have a few of those heart stopping moments!

After a hectic scrap lasting about fifteen minutes it was in the net! I need not have had those worrying moments as when it was on the unhooking mat it was clear the hook hold from the Grabba was awesome!

The pretty mirror weighed in at 39:08, not bad for 10 minutes work!

Later that evening after dark the receiver was on song again from another rod this time fished on the top of the bar. This one was a little more hectic as it was from around 110 yards out and a lot more weed between the fish and the waiting net.



I was less concerned this time as the Grabba had stood me in good stead with the first bite. Same this time too as whenthis gem was in the net and then on the mat the hook hold was again awesome, it was going nowhere

A little bigger than the first bite, 42lb exactly, result. During the night the next bite came to Head Office, my lovely partner Ali.

Her first was in the shape of a 36lb mirror, rigs were “on loan” from my tackle box! So the Jel E Wyre Grabba combo was doing the business. 

Since returning from the short trip Ali’s tackle box now has a full range of the Atomic end tackle, mine looks somewhat bare!



Tony from the lads at Atomic – Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work…

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