New Product Feature
The new Chod – Wyre 
Surer stiff nylon hook link material. For use with chod, hinge and stiff rigs

High level of memory to preserve the curve of your chod rigs


Chod WyreUltra stiff and springy to enable superior hooking


Seriously strong (can be used with blood knot and single overhand loop)


Perfect diameter to suit the chodda   hooks – passes through the eye 3 times. (size 7 – 20lb. Other sizes – 20lb or 25lb)


 Clear for minimal visability



Available in 20m spools of: 20lb/9.1kg (0.45mm did) and 25lb/11.4kg (0.5mm dia)


Only £5.80 each 
Contact your local stockist now to get your Chod – Wyre… 

And for more information click here ==>>Chod – Wyre Info