Hi Atomic Guys and Girls! here’s a recent report from a Yorkshire water I had fished, Emmotland pond.

Once before, I did 5nights in March, resulting in 2 fish to 26lb13oz.

Before I fished the place, I had spent around 6 months prior to fishing it gathering as much info as possible about the place, from friends that had fished it previous to me.

Listening to other peoples success and what approach they took and put it into my own fishing. Now this was my second session, I had 6 nights ahead. Booked myself onto peg 5, my aim was just one fish for the week and I would be happy.

I arrived at the pond around 9am, it was empty. Had a chat with the bailiff and he informed me that I had the lake to myself for 2 nights. I thought about where to place my rods and spread them around a little.

I found a sloping shelf at 4ft, with 7ft to the left at a fairly steep drop, fished this towards peg 2+3. I had the big common from this spot on the first night at 31lb10oz ! A new PB for me.

The other 2 rods were placed straight out tight to the margin, one on a small mussel bed, the other placed behind a tree in a channel on a hard sandy patch.

Throughout the week I was using Frank Warwick baits fruit smoothy boilies in 12mm and 15mm. I baited 10kg throughout the week, also using CC Moore ultra minimix pellets soaked in anchovy, liver and F.Warwick fruit juice enhancers.

Baiting my spots 3 times a day at specific times, only a few handfuls around the general area of the snag I was fishing. 

The end set up was  fished with a Nash diffusion leader with Atomic Bombz away clip, a 4oz flat pear lead, the hooking arrangement was Atomic JEL-E-WYRE in 15lb silt brown, Size 6  Haula  with a crushed barb fished blowback with an extra large ring.

A little shrink tubing line aligner, I didn’t steam it as felt it wasn’t necessary. I used various different hook baits throughout the session, fruit smoothy 14mm wafters, snowman with smoothy bottom bait and a fruit juice pop up also 12mm special fruit 3 colour pop ups, within 20 mins.

I lost one to a hook pull, the first of the session, I  put the rod back out to the spot and lost another one within 10 minutes to a snag, the bright “different” baits certainly gave me those bites.  

On my final evening I wasn’t receiving any takes so I needed to do something about it. I put a 10mm special fruit pop up on, fished 2cms off bottom. these are a 3 colour bait and stand out!

I had 2 takes within 30 minutes, sadly lost both of them to the notorious snag (I ended up with 8 carp and one catfish. here are the weights — 31lb10oz, 21lb, 20lb6oz, 19lb12oz, 18lb6oz, 17lb15oz, 16lb8oz , 16lb. and a 19lb catfish

look at this big common in the retainer sling, a pure brute!!

The big common after weighing her in at 31lb10oz, and in Yorkshire!! hasn’t seen the bank in over 18 months, simply blew me away.










Self take photo of lovely mirror scraper 20, gorgeous      

Stalked this from pond 2 at 16.8 off surface, hooked within 2mins of feeding them, wasn’t looking to build their confidence, just a quick bite then back to pond 1 to get rods out for evening.










 Wearing the Yorkshire carpers t-shirt  playing a fish after holding my own whilst sat in a shag for over 5 minutes.          

Gorgeous mirror old warrior low 20 fell to fruit smoothy  snowman with fruit juice pop up.










Amazing scale pattern, carp gods were shining.                                

Best looking one of the week at just shy of 20lb, beauty.










 A bonus, catfish rarely get caught from here, think their even harder than the carp at times, anyway was still good looking for a cat at 19lb.

The baiting approach, i know lots people are against bait boats, and so was I until I fished the place, cant fish the place with results. 


After having a good old chinwag with the locals, some who have fished the place for a good 10 years, said they’ve never seen someone catch so many fish in a week session, usually its one fish maximum. Apart from my input, preparation and the rest, it comes down to bait.

When I got my hands on the fruit smoothy I knew it was something special, get on it !! 

I have been using Atomic terminal tackle for around 6 months and the results certainly show jus how good the JEL-E-WYRE is, without doubt its the most reliable hook link I’ve used. The coating doesn’t break when tightening knots which I’ve had many times with others.

Just ordered more bits from Atomic for further use in the near future without doubt!  

I am sponsored my Frank Warwick Baits ltd, this and the combination of the  Atomic end tackle is a winning tactic!

Thanks for the brilliant products being on the market, take my hat off to you

Regs, Stevie Nickson.


Stevie, from the lads at Atomic – Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work…

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