Long Term Product Review by Matt Eaton

Rock Bottom Leadcore

I’ve been using this product for nearly six years now and haven’t felt there is anything better. At 35lb breaking strain it is tough….very tough. In fact my rods still have the same leaders on them that I started the season with nine months ago. It is easy to splice and even comes supplied with a splicing needle if purchased on a 20m spool.

The leadcore leader material is a very natural, dark brown colour lending it to silty lake beds. 



I also use it in weed and on gravel as it also replicates a dead weed stem. Some similar products are simply too heavy for the popular chod rig whilst some are too thin to prevent tangles effectively. 

This offering from Atomic is just right on both counts.

Rockbottom Leadcore is available in various guises. On a 20m spool to splice as you required or ready tied in lengths (30 or 40 inches) in packs of three.

Jel-E-Wyre BARE BAK is available on 20m spools in both Weed Green and Silt Brown. 

Available from your nearest stockist or online here  == >> Rock Bottom Leadcore