Medway Valley Fisheries – Had Anything Mate – May

Well where on earth did May go! I can tell you that it got off to a great start for someone that was not even going to bother fishing initially and then was rewarded with a cracking 31:09 and it did not stop there!

The bulk of the reports have come from Brooklands where we will start with the highlights, I’ve not enough space for all the captures, and then move to the Trout and then finish on Big Lake for this month.

Brookie kicked off with Trevor Mills, one of the bailiffs who did not really fancy his chances and nearly did not bother angling threatening to go back home! A short while into his session had him calling for a hand for a few pictures of his pretty 31:09 Mirror.

Next up is Stuart Aldridge with 23lb Mirror, always nice to see Sniff smiling when he’s not too busy launching X-boxes out of windows!










Dean Thompson managed to winkle out this real pretty 24:13 caught using the ever faithful Jel-E-Wyre in 15lb and a 2oz dung lead, nice one mate. 

Aye Aye Captain, Nathan (aka Two Chins) Wilkinson has been consistent on his 48hr trips and nailed this 29:04 Mirror on a rig consisting of Jel-E-Wyre hooklink and Grabba hook. 




Then a great result of a zig captured 40 from Spraggy with this 40:08!

Well done that man! Following this a 41:08 Common caught by Rocky, they’re getting bigger……

So I want to finish the Brooklands piece with Trevor’s next mid week visit that was to turn out a special one indeed.


An early morning bite resulting in a 36:10 Mirror had that “Happy Days” feeling for Trev. Well made up with that and with his rod back out on the same spot it produced another bite just a few hours later.

My phone was red hot to say the least as Trev’s next fish had sent a wave of whispers through the Valley hollering all the way over to me in Essex.

His capture just has to be the Jewell of the Medway Valley, 47:04 of immaculate, stunning dark minter of a Mirror Carp.

With one hell of a massive paddle and mighty set of Pecs too. What a great result, well done mate. I am sure you will all agree this is one special fish.

Trout Lake

Sole report from Lewis Church, so well done and thank you for this.

18th and 19th May. Haven’t been able to get out much lately, with this being my fourth time on the Trout Lake this year and the last three sessions were blanks unfortunately, so was over the moon with the result of this session. Turned up late Friday after finally getting through the traffic on a job in London ahhhh. Went to one end of the lake and the car park was full but thankfully jumped into a swim which I thought would be taken at the other end… result.

I knew the swim well so no need for splashing around and scaring any fish away. With the rigs already tied up the night before. I got some bait out on my left hand margin spot and whilst lining up to cast the second rod, I heard the margin rod bobbin shoot up and the first rod ripped off. After quickly dropping the rod to the floor, I lifted in to what was to be an 8lb tench. Good start :-). I then proceeded to get bait and rods out for the night.

Nothing happened for the rest of the night and I left the rods well alone for the rest of the morning. That was until the atts receiver screamed at me again with the first carp of the session heading straight into some snags and with a little pressure, managed to get the carp out of them and into my net.

A lovely 20lb 08oz common. I quickly got the rod back out asap after some quick shots. After another hour the other margin rod bobbin raised up and stayed there I pulled into what felt like a heavier fish. Same again, headed straight for the snags and after a good scrap the biggest of the session was on the mat. A really lovely dark 24lb 06oz common.

A quiet night with no action again until the next morning with another stunning Trout lake common this time 19lb12oz. And finally, just as I was packing up the margin rod which had  been covered by small bubbles all morning shot off with a new PB tench 10lb12oz, a real chunk to finish off the session. Happy days! Well done indeed fella, thanks for the great write up!

So let’s finish off with The Big Lake. It has been fishing well and a big well done to Richard Amos with his PB Common of 30:04. All carp are special and these second generation Leneys in here don’t give themselves up easily. 










Next up is Asa Malone who has been quietly going about his business and had a great hit of six fish, bloody good angling mate, topped off with this mint 37:14 Common. What a great result, well done Asa you will be receiving £50 worth of Atomic Tackle as this month’s winner.


Nothing more for me to report from my last capture but Jacko had a nice chunky 33 Mirror.

Until Next Month, Had Anything Mate?

Mick <;))))>< 


Mick  @CockneyCarpr  from the lads at Atomic – Thanks.

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