I started my session last Thursday and was chuffed to manage 12 fish in total including 4 x 20s.

I was fishing tight to snags and was locked down tight so it was seat of the pants stuff. 

There are only a handful of mirrors in there so was pleased with the 16.1 real old mirror.

My tactics were simple but effective, stiff hinge rig keeping the hinge rig popped up as tight as i could get it on the chodda hook with jele wyre as the boom approx 9inch with a little bit of putty in 2 sections of the boom don’t know why because the Jel-E-Wyre sinks like a brick just habit, hook holds were in the bottom lip on all the takes just a session that everything was perfect.

Cheers love the Jel-W-Wyre!

Here is another stunner I had in April on the same tactics.