Long Term Product Review by Matt Eaton – Stiffun

Of all the coated braids on the market there is one that is entirely different to anything else – One that enables you to tie up a stiff hinge rig from just one length – One that is so difficult for carp to deal with that it can to turn your session around………….Atomic’s Stiffun.

From the spool Stiffun is coiled and untidy and no amount of rubbing will straighten it.  Run it through steam and keep it taught as it cools however and it is transformed into an extremely straight, rigid hook link that you know will trip up those riggy fish.  Once steamed it can be re-straightened by hand.  You’ll need a clean lake bed for the Stiffun to work most effectively as it really is incredibly stiff.

Currently available in 18lb breaking strain (although other strengths are in the pipeline) it is strong and tough.

All the colour comes from the fine diameter inner braid and the clear coating allows the lake bed hues to come through meaning that it blends in well on almost any bottom make up.

The coating is easy to strip leading to all sorts of permutations for rig construction.  As with all their hook link materials Atomic’s Stiffun can be blobbed (with or without coating) helping to secure knots and form a ‘D’ at the back of the hook.

I would recommend the knotless knot for the hook end of the rig but for the swivel end it is essential that you use a loop to allow some movement.

Without this the stiffness of the material could work against you making it difficult for a carp to pick up the hook bait.  A figure of eight loop knot is ideal.

As the rigid nature of the material is, by definition, more brittle the trick is to moisten and tighten down gently whilst holding both the hook link and the tag end together.  If they are pulled hard independently the coating may crack.

Are you blanking when you think you should be getting bites?  Do you think the carp are getting away with it?  Do you want something that the fish have never had to deal with before?  The answer is Stiffun.

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Tight Lines …

Matt Eaton

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