Gunsmoke Claw – Barbless

There are a great many venues, particularly day ticket ones that have a barbless hook only rule.  This leaves you with two options.  Crush your barbs down or buy barbless.  Barbless hooks are also the ideal choice for those starting carp fishing and for younger anglers as, should the worst happen, they are easily removed from fingers etc.

Atomic’s offering in the barbless hook stakes is the Gunsmoke Claw Barbless. 

In our opinion the only barbless hook worth considering is one with a beaked point. 

Beaked points lead to fewer losses and the Claw sports a wicked curved point that will keep hook pulls to an absolute minimum. 

The Claw is an extremely versatile hook, which is both strong and lightweight.  It’s slightly inturned eye and wide gape help with effective hooking whilst it’s short shank give it strength.  It lends itself to particle fishing as well as with boilies and is also our Atomic consultants’ choice for zig and floater fishing.


 Atomic Tackle’s Claw Barbless




The Claw Barbless is available in sizes 6, 8 and 10  & only £4.25 a pack of 10

Contact your local sockist for or click here for you’r  Gunsmoke Claw’s


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