June Tip of the Month by Matt Eaton


The recent spell of hot weather has seen fish, up and down the country, launching into their spawning rituals.  


Singles, zigs and PVA traps are great in springtime but for me, the end of spawning is the signal to start using a bit more bait. Although, on some venues, particles rule the roost during summer it is boilies and pellet that I will be using in the post spawning period.




Carp can sustain quite a bit of superficial damage during spawning as they charge through snags, reeds fence posts etc. and require protein to repair damaged tissue. Good quality food bait will provide far more of this than particles will so, not only will you find proper bait effective you are also helping the fish in your venue recover from their rigours.

June Tip of the Month 2  

I don’t use as much bait as in the Autumn when they will, in the right conditions, consume vast quantities but I’ll certainly up the quantity substantially. 


Come July, I may well revert to particles but, just now, when they need it, I’d prefer to have a kilo of boilies over each spot.