With the launch of 2 incredibly popular new hooks into our market leading range we are getting a lot of questions from anglers wanting to know how our team use the two patterns and what they are individually suited to.

Someone that has had great success already is Atomic angler Ben cooper who has had his 2 target fish already this year, one on the Trappa the other on the Sabre, we asked him to show his rigs and their uses.

“Over the years I’ve used many brands of hooks, but for me the
range of hooks by Atomic are the strongest and most reliable on the market.
No matter how long it takes to get a fish in, I never have to worry about
them coming off.


I use the Trappa hooks when I need the aggression of the curve on the hook, I love them because I prefer a hook with a straight point rather than a beaked point and the micro bard on the Trappa hook helps the hook stay in place and therefore does less damage to the mouth of the fish.

Most of the time I will set a Trappa hook up on a hair rig as opposed to a D. This ensures the hook turns and grabs the flesh quicker as it encourages the curve and allows it to work perfectly.

The bait I use when using Trappa hooks is normally a particle mix or a semi bouyant hookbait, immitation corn, a wafter, corked tiger, something like that.
The Sabre

The Sabre is my Boilie hook, they are longer in the shank and wider in the gape.

The Sabre hooks work well on a blowback rig, because of their slightly longer shank.

I use Sabre hooks on a D rig mainly, fishing over boilies, they really are the perfect boilie big fish hook and the D gives the hook bait the freedom to move, and combined with the hooks interned eye helps turn and attack the bottom lip.

In short the curve shanked Trappa is for my more delicate balanced and semi bouyant set ups. The Sabre is for my boilie fishing approach .

Hope that helps

Ben Cooper