Long Range Floater Fishing

I guess the idea of a great angler is versatility and being able to adapt to the situation in front of you.

That is what Atomic’s Grant Smith did yesterday. After an early morning start Grant was greated with with a few Carpy looking cruisers at 80-100yards range.

The long range Bolt Machine was soon set up as was the Spomb rod.


With a decent ripple on the surface Grant dosed his mixers up with Hemp oil and started spombing out small parcels at about 50 yards, letting the ripple drift them out towards the fish, instantly they showed and interest and only minutes later he was bent into his 1st long range surface caught Carp.

After a truly epic battle in the deep water this angry little male eventualy went over the chord.

Conditions certainly were not ideal, the wind seemed to swing round in ever possible direction spreading the free offerings all over the 3 acres of water in front of us. The same could be said for the fish as the odd swirl could be seen randomly all over the lake. Now that the freebies were not tightly grouped getting the next bite was going to be tricky.

Grant kept feeding and kept fishing, eventually he was into his 2nd bite of the day and another epic battle ensued. Such a cliche but these angry males fought like animals and Grant had to give it all he could to get them in the net.

After a few more hours of trying it was clear that it just wasn’t going to happen again, and that we were banging our heads against a brick wall.

Grant had already landed 2 crackers so the job was done, granted they wernt huge but it is a tricky water and this was a good result, you cant pick out the big ones at 90yards! ;)

Check out the hook holds from Grant’s size 10 Claw hooks!