Carp Rigs

POP UP Step 1

Take a length (four- to five-inches) of your bait floss and tie a simple Overhand Knot in it as shown.

POP UP Step 2

Next, slowly pulling the two tag ends, tease the loop that you have formed down to size.

POP UP Step 3
Now lace your chosen pop-up into the loop and carefully pull the loop down around the bait.

POP UP Step 4

To connect it to the rig ring, pass one end through the ring and then form another Overhand Loop. To secure, pull the tags end and watch the knot slide down towards the ring.

POP UP Step 5

Pull tight and tie and couple of Granny Knots for extra security. Next, trim and carefully using a lighter, blob both ends of the bait floss to form small bulbs. Easy and it will not come off!