Carp Rigs
Multi Rig Step 1
The items of terminal tackle needed to tie the Multi rig JEL-E-WYRE, Atomic Hooks, Size 8 swivels, 3mm rig rings, Putty or small shot.
Multi Rig Step 2
Form a overhand loop around 20-40mm with Jel-e-wyre in either 15lb or 25lb breaking strains.
Multi Rig Step 3
Some people use the tag end to place the shot onto or you can blob the tag end down with a lighter allowing 1-2mm behind the knot.
Multi Rig Step 4
Pass the loop threw the eye of your preferred hook pictured here with a size 7 Chodda.
Multi Rig Step 5
Tie on your chosen pop up with bait floss onto a 3mm rig ring and place on to the loop.
Multi Rig Step 6
Now pass the loop over the point and round onto the hook as shown.
Multi Rig Step 7
Strip the coating around 1cm in length just behind the knot to allow a little bit of flexibility in the rig ring, attach a shot or a blob of putty on the section which you have stripped.
Multi Rig Step 8
Set the D like this
Multi Rig Step 9
The final rig should look like this ready to be tied to a swivel then cast out to go and catch yourself a lump or 2 .
Multi Rig Step 10
A little tip at this time of year use a slightly longer loop allowing you to use a pop up further off of the bottom. As the leaf litter and debris will be building up on the bottom of the lake.