Tip of the Month by Matt Eaton

August can be one of the trickiest times of the year in which to catch carp.  The hot, still weather can deplete the oxygen levels in the water making the fish lethargic.  Whilst they may not be prepared to feed on large beds of bait they can still be caught off guard in the edge with a stalking approach.  This way of catching carp is probably the most exciting there is and nothing beats the adrenaline rush that you get from seeing the hookbait disappear just before all hell breaks loose.

Four effective stalking baits

Pellets, hemp, and tigers are all excellent stalking baits but my I prefer either chopped boilies or corn.  A small handful is usually enough to initiate some interest.  Polarised glasses are essential equipment as you walk around the lake searching for an opportunity.  With small baits being the order of the day, another necessary item is a lightweight hook.  It will also need to be strong owing to the proximity of snags in a lot of the marginal areas that carp visit.  Atomic’s Claw, in a size 7, fits the bill nicely and its in turned point will help protect the point from damage on those little close in gravel spots. 

So next time it’s baking hot at the carp won’t play ball don’t just sit there camping.  There’s always a chance somewhere so reel them in and go and see if there’s an opportunity to catch yourself a bonus fish.



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