Lee Merritt

AGE: 48
ADDRESS: Canvey island, Essex.
OCCUPATION: Carp Consultant.

UK PB: Common 50lb 8oz Mirror 44lb
FOREIGN PB: Common 47lb 8oz Mirror 63lb 8oz

I've been carp fishing for around 35 years; I started in Essex fishing waters like South weald, Hainault and The Chase. Proper old carp waters,
I won Carp Angler of the year 2002, catching lots of big carp along the way.I have fished the BCAC since they have started over 10 years ago and teamed up with my good mate and fishing partner Rob Marsh over 7 years ago, and won the team championship 4 times representing Mainline Baits. As this profile goes to press im ranked 2nd and Rob a close 3rd in the BCAC rankings. I did use leads from Atomic Tackle when the company was just starting up 8 years ago, but now as a Full time Consultant for the company im looking forward to using the array of tackle Atomic produce as well having an input into the product development.
When I saw the range of tackle Atomic marketed I was pleasantly surprised how much terimal tackle they covered, from the leads to suit every lake bed to lead core leaders that hugs the cotours of the lake to a range of hooks to suit every style of angling I do. A couple of the items that have caught my eye has been the super fish safe BOMBZ AWAY LEAD CLIP and the CHOPPA DROPPA READY TIED RIGS,that is a big part of my match fishing losing the leads on the take and these products do this and ensure the fish can get rid of the lead in the event of a crack off. That?s only two items from the Atomic stable, not to metion the STIFFUN and JEL-E-WYRE hooklinks.
All the Atomic Tackle products im sure will increase my catch rank for 2011.
Hope to see you on the bank sometime
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Lee Merritt
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