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Posted On: 04 September 2015


It was bank holiday Monday and once again after family and work commitments, I hadn’t had any time to get down the syndicate and only having the day I didn't fancy my chances over the Manor.

Instead I got up super early and headed over to Walthamstow. Finding myself 3rd in the queue for the gate with fellow angler Tristan. After talking to a few people and doing some research it was clear the 2&3 had been fishing slow not doing a fish on the Sunday. We decided to tackle it anyway but only after watching a few fish in the river feeding at the gate.

The closest swims and well known swims on the 2 were taken straight away, leaving the whole of the 3 pretty much empty so we kept walking. It wasn't until we got to the end of the 3 we saw a couple of fish, fish were rolling at 30 odd yards and there was a huge island to our right, clearly this was the swim. After a quick lead about in the pouring rain I found it to be silty and really shallow apart from 30 yards out there was a deeper hole and that was exactly where the fish had been showing.

I quickly got 2 rods straight out on the fish and one in the flow that was pumping out. Liners came quickly. The middle rod indicated a few liners but I thought nothing of it in the poring rain and howling wind which ripped our brolly from underneath us and sent it backwards up the bank. After a cup of tea and re-setting up the shelter I checked the rod and it seemed pretty slack. So I tightened the rod only to pick up the extra slack. But it kept coming.. I wound down to the lead and the rod hooped over! The fish had magically picked up the rig and head edup into the flow on a slack line? Crazy after a short spirited fight not including the 2 times it flat rodded me it was in the net. A dark old Leney from a big reservoir! Happy days the scales were sent round to 21lb on the button, we did some quick pictures in the rain and slipped it back.

After that I kept watching the water and saw a couple of shadows moving in the deeper water of the sluice.

As the water cleared after the rain stopping I was watching a mid to upper 30 mirror infront of the sluice right under my feet, accompanied by a smaller common, quickly a rod was positioned right under the tip as I watched from the top. It wasn't Long before the rain started again and the two fish started grubbing up in the current, I started to receive savage liners as I lost view of the fish in the now murky water and I stood behind the rods waiting for it to pull out of the clip and peel line.. It happened.. But on the middle rod again at 30 yards. The fish shot straight out of the gully and accross the shallow water stripping and flat rodding me plowing towards an island in the distance. After finally stopping and turning the fish is was on the top plodding infront of the net. This time round it was a smaller fish and a common aswell. 17lb 4oz's she went on the scales, photo'd and quickly returned as It was hammering down again.

Both fish were nailed on Size 5 Atomic Chodda hooks nice and short attached to a flexi swivel and a long 12 inch 25lb jelly wyre boom section. Super critically balanced to sit on the silt.


Following up from that I had an anti tangle sleeve and atomic bombs away lead clips. Which both dropped off on the takes. A light scattering of maple x over the top was the downfall for both of the fish, I wanted to stay into dark as I felt confident of a take on the rod in the flow, but Tristan looked seriously Ill and also I had places to be we left at 18.00 so that was exactly 12 hours from turning up not getting in the gate till 7 or wetting a line until 8. That's 10 hours fishing. Better then a day sat at home and we'll worth getting wet for.

James Cottee