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Posted On: 31 October 2014
Just returned from a real spare of the moment trip across to France.
I was on a 4 night session down at the Linch Hill complex and managed a couple a small common and a repeat of the lumpy common but things were very slow. On the 3rd night my pal rung  me and asked if I fancied going to France the next morning , one thing lead to another and he picked me up from Linch Hill car park at 9am and we headed across the channel (madness really thinking about it but i was off work so what the hell) .
We fished a less busy French owned lake thats kept quiet, when we arrived it was dark but after a quick mooch and look around it was apparent the following morning that the lake would be much less preasured with anglers moving off, the rods were flung out in a corner and we hit the sack. The night passed with no fish landed by me but my pal lost one close in, the Belgian lads a few swims up were moving out that morning; they had been down for the week and had blanked but I was happy to move in and I was sure when they left and the 8 rods was reduced to 2 or 3 and the double figure number of H blocks were removed that the fish would move back into the area, using boats and H blocks can kill things off and just looking down into that zone I knew thats what had happened; I was right 3 nights I fished in there and landed 7 or 8 fish , some being crackers as you can see .. the biggest two was 45lb and 46lb .. Not bad for 3 nights fishing on a very spare of the moment thing that was not prepared in the slightest. I was happy with that it was a great trip and enjoyed fully ..

I fished the swim with all rods placed in the middles in a area of silt that i knew the carp would visit with a different line angle i was really fishing infront of another free swim, I find this can often make the difference with the different line lay and confuse the fish as to whats going on , with the lead just sticking slighty in the silt and bringing small amounts back i was happy with the spots and knew fish would visit them it wasnt long before i started noticing fizzing and signs of fish which was just hours after the lads had left ... i was very confident seeing this.
I fished chods using Atomic Chod hooks and atomic chod wire to nail the fish on two rods and hinged stiff rigs using the same but with a 25lb jel e wire boom section on the other , i caught on all these presentations with the leadcore also being from                                                                                                                          

Bait wise I didnt use much I placed a spread of Mad Baits force boilies i used about 2 kilo in the 3 nights on the areas and i fished various mad bait pop ups - wicked whites and the pink citrus pop ups proved most sucessful.

I have just this second got back so i am off home to open a bottle of french wine , thanks for reading and tight lines ..

Dave Abbott