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Posted On: 26 August 2014


Our man David Abbott got in touch this bank holiday weekend to let us know about a recent success.

"Just returned from the awesome Linch Hill fishery where I fished for 4 nights. I spent 2 nights in a area that they just didnt seem to want to be in so I decided to move into a different swim in the hope the fish would move onto a new wind , it was a swim I know well and I just new they would turn up, it was around midnight when they turned up in numbers, I was kept awake all night with monsters leaping from the lake sat on my hands .... It was 3,45am when the rod decided to scream into life , I was awake and sat next to my rods as it was one of those moments when you just knew something was going to happen .... The take was slow and steady and I had a feeling it was going to be a good fish ; the fight was short and after a few minutes this black mirror slipped over the cord .... I let out the usual yeee harrr and got her sorted for pictures; happy days , what a fish.

These moments stay with you for a while and it's one I won't forget in a hurry, made up with this one Linchhill is a Great Lake and has some cracking fish but this is Probially one if the best I have caught ... 35lb on the nose she went ... A black old mirror .. The fish was caught over a bed of the Mad Baits Force boilies ; using a very short hinged stiff rig using atomic tackle Chod hooks coupled with 25lbs jel e wire as the boom section and Atomic Chod wyre for the short link, a mix of components that I have complete confidence in.

Happy days, now time for a wine!